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Are you aged 13-19? do you want to tell it like it is? 

We want to know what it's really like for you! Deadline: 2nd February 2018

Have your voice heard in our work by submitting YOUR selfie video, for your chance to be featured in the production, as well as connecting with teenagers around the world in our exciting online resource of real teenage opinions. 


Teenage Trilogy is an exciting intergenerational participatory and performance project exploring what it's like to be a teenager - the good stuff, the bad stuff, and all the stuff in between. 

A visceral, affecting and relevant work, which evokes the transition from childhood to adulthood that we all must go through.  This work is being shaped through dialogue with teenagers, parents and grandparents in Scotland, Denmark, Belgium, Australia and India, listening to their personal experiences.

Directed by Christine Devaney, Teenage Trilogy is an interdisciplinary collaboration with designer Karen Tennant, visual artist David Maxwell, digital artist Jonathan Charles and composer Luke Sutherland.

We are looking for a range of voices and experiences, to share and connect with others around the world- we want to hear your teenage experience and invite you to send us YOUR selfie video!

Interested? Read on!

  1. Set up
    Film your video in your bedroom if you can, at arms length (hand held or propped up- if you want to hide your face, that's cool with us)
  2. Next
    Answer any of our selfie video questions - be you, and be honest (though keep it clean...) - this is your chance to:        TELL IT LIKE IT IS!


    what are the best and hardest things about being a teenager?

    do you worry? and if yes, what do you worry about?

    what is the most annoying way that adults stereotype teenagers?

    can you imagine what your future might be like?

    do you miss anything about being a child? how have 'the rules' changed for you?

    what's the best piece of advice you could give another teenager?

  3. Finished?
    a)Fill in the form below or Email us your name, age, which country/region you are sending from and contact for your parent/guardian
    b) We'll send you a parental permission form
    c) Have your form signed and return to us by post or email
  4. Send it!
    Whatsapp: +44 7598 549 417
    Dropbox: send here 

How will my video be used?
Your video will help us learn what it's really like to be a teenager today, adding to the dialogue shaping this work. 

It will then be uploaded to join our exciting online archive of real teenage opinions, a fun and valuable resource connecting with other teenagers around the world. 

Your video may also be selected to be shown as part of our final performances at Tramway and/or Perth Theatre - only if you'd like- we'll ask for your permission and your parent/guardian's permission for this.

Your video will only be used by Curious Seed and your name and contact details will remain private. The Tell it Like It Is archive will be available for the duration of the project, through to our Autumn tour 2018.

Want to find out more?

Call: +44 131 659 4744, send us a Whatsapp or email

We look forward to hearing from you!


Teenage Trilogy is a Tramway co-production in association with Perth Theatre. Curious Seed is supported by Creative Scotland.


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