Teenage Trilogy is an exciting intergenerational participatory and performance project, a co-production with Tramway in association with Perth Theatre. A visceral, affecting and relevant work, which evokes the transition from childhood to adulthood that we all must go through.  This work is being shaped through dialogue with teenagers, parents and grandparents in Scotland, Denmark, Belgium, Australia and India, listening to their personal experiences.

Directed by Christine Devaney, Teenage Trilogy is a collaboration with designer Karen Tennent, visual artist David Maxwell, digital artist Jonathan Charles and composer Luke Sutherland.

Our performances will premiere at Tramway 9-10th February and tour to Perth Theatre 16-17th February 2018.  Tickets available to book soon!

There are a range of ways to get involved in the project, from contributing to the creative process, to performing with us as part of the production, or being part of our Selfie Video project. Interested? Read on!

Participation and digital projects


TEENAGE BAND opportunity

Are you aged 13-19? Are you in a band? Would you and your band like to get involved in the creation of our new work and perform live with us as part of the production at Tramway or Perth Theatre? We want to hear from you!
Deadline: Monday 9th October

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Are you aged 50 or over? Were you once a teenager? Would you like to share your teenage experiences or perform with us as part of the performances at Tramway or Perth Theatre? We'd love to hear from you!
Deadline: Wednesday 18th October

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selfie video callout

Are you aged 13-19? Do you want to tell it like it is? We want to know what it's really like being a teenager today! Send us YOUR selfie video for a chance to be included in the final performance and join our exciting online archive of real teenage opinions connecting with teenagers around the world!