connecting teenagers around the world in our exciting online resource of real teenage opinions

Teenage Trilogy has been shaped by conversations with teenagers, parents and grandparents in Scotland, Denmark,
Belgium, India and Australia and has been in development since 2015, exploring the complex question of what it
means and how it feels to be a teenager now and for as long as we care to remember.

Since 2017, Curious Seed has been working with innovative digital designers D Fie Foe  to develop a digital project for the performances and online, including video work for the Teenage Trilogy installation and as part of the live performances.

The conversations from the residencies sparked an online digital project, Tell It Like It Is, collating selfie videos from teenagers around the world in an online archive of real teenage opinions, asking them what it’s really like being a teenager today. Some of the videos are featured in the live performances, and all are available to view on our online channel.  


what are the best and hardest things about being a teenager?

do you worry? and if yes, what do you worry about?

what is the most annoying way that adults stereotype teenagers?

can you imagine what your future might be like?

do you miss anything about being a child? how have 'the rules' changed for you?

what's the best piece of advice you could give another teenager?

Christine, David and Jonathan also worked with members of the Lyra Young Company based in Craigmillar (Edinburgh) as 'Teenage Advisors' to develop a pilot project of ‘How to Survive Being a Teenager’ exploring the challenges teenagers face and ways of combating these.  The team worked with David Maxwell and D Fie Foe on the concepts, ideas, development, and script-writing through to filming working on and off camera.

The group went on to undertake Risoprint workshops at Out of the Blue Print, designing and producing a limited edition Teenage Trilogy fanzine, which was available at the performances with donations going to the charity stem4, supporting teenage mental health.

Working the camera at our Teenage Tutorials shoot

Working the camera at our Teenage Tutorials shoot

Riso print workshops at Out of the Blueprint

Riso print workshops at Out of the Blueprint

Teenage Tutorials shoot with Christine

Teenage Tutorials shoot with Christine

head over to our Youtube channel to see the tutorials and selfie videos.