Dance About is a fun, charming, choreography app inspired by our internationally acclaimed dance performance for young audiences, Chalk About. 

Featuring dance artists Christine Devaney and Hendrik Lebon, and a modern soundscape from Kim Moore, the app’s cutting edge technology means children can draw and redesign the background while the dancers perform the chosen moves. This digital dance toy is designed primarily for children and young people, but is also for anyone with an interest in dance. Curious Seed has partnered with digital developers Hippotrix to create the app.

Co-Creator of Chalk About, Christine Devaney, said: “The process of working on the app has been pretty exciting and so different from creating a show.  We liked the complimentary way chalking and dancing came together for our existing show Chalk About, and wanted to see if we could create a similar sort of juxtaposition in an app.” Read a full interview with Christine in The List here. 

Simone Bloomfield of Hippotrix noted: “Developing the technology to allow a user to chalk behind the video was not without its challenges. Apps where you draw over imagery are common, but this was altogether different. But a lot of the pleasure in the app is when you add funny or artistic elements to the dance environment!”

Download the app yourself at the App Store:

Developed with support from of Creative Scotland.