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We Create

... uncompromising performance work with physical expression at its heart. 


We Create

... uncompromising performance work with physical expression at its heart. 

“A joy to watch”


“beautiful, beguiling, engaging, unique”


“rich with visual treats”



Seeds have potential. They are smaller than what they will become. They push and find their way towards what they need to grow...different seeds have different patterns of growth…

Curious Seed is committed to exploring new ways of challenging and developing the scope of movement-based performance. We are passionate about the transformative possibilities of experiencing dance, theatre and art, through participating, creating or the observing of it. Our work is defined by the subtle way in which it reflects human experience by weaving together threads of narrative with the physical, the imagistic, and the poetic.

PUSH_promo image_credit Maria Falconer.jpg

About Us

Who we are and what we do.

About Us

Who we are and what we do.

Award-winning performance company, Curious Seed, was formed in 2005 by Scottish choreographer, Christine Devaney.  Based in Edinburgh, we produce and present compelling, dance theatre work that questions the world we live in; work which touches and moves people, unlocking new ways of experiencing and feeling something different about the world. 

We collaborate with exceptional artists - musicians, actors, dancers, designers and video makers – to create emotionally charged performances that reach across ages and art forms, and to bring something unique to the dance landscape of Scotland.  Our work has been presented across the globe from Milan to Macao, New Zealand to Norway; appearing at prestigious international festivals and venues from Sadler’s Wells to Sydney Opera House.

Our work is researched, developed, and managed by a small core team of people.  We collaborate with many other partners and organisations at home and abroad to create, produce and share our projects and performances. 


Christine Devaney | Artistic Director | christine@curious-seed.co.uk 
Leigh Robieson-Cleaver  | Job Share Producer  |  leigh@curious-seed.co.uk 
Vicky Rutherford-O'Leary  | Job Share Producer  | vicky@curious-seed.co.uk 


Lucy Mason | Arts Manager & Consultant
Darrell Williams | Chief Operating Officer, Edinburgh International Science Festival
Rachel Edgar | Organisational Consultant
Lucy Clement |Development Manager, National Libraries of Scotland
Isabel Moura Mendes | Arts Partnership Manager at British Council Scotland

L-R: Lucy Clement, Leigh Robieson-Cleaver, Vicky Rutherford-O'Leary, Isabel Moura Mendes, Lucy Mason, Darrell Williams, Rachel Edgar, Christine Devaney

L-R: Lucy Clement, Leigh Robieson-Cleaver, Vicky Rutherford-O'Leary, Isabel Moura Mendes, Lucy Mason, Darrell Williams, Rachel Edgar, Christine Devaney


+44 (0)131 659 4744

Curious Seed is a Scottish Incorporated Charitable Organisation (SCIO), with our registered office as above. 
Scottish Charity Number: SC045653.
Curious Seed is supported by Creative Scotland.
Curious Seed is a Green Arts Member. 

Twitter: @CuriousSDance

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Our performances and projects.


Our performances and projects.


We Are All Just Little Creatures

We Are All Just Little Creatures

Celebrating all the wonderful, weird and wee things about being alive!

Curious Seed have joined forces with Lung Ha Theatre Company, in association with Lyra to present a visually exciting and compelling ensemble production We Are All Just Little Creatures at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, and the Byre Theatre, St Andrews, in March and April 2019.

We Are All Just Little Creatures celebrates the weird, the wonderful and the wee things about being alive. What do we all have in common? Of course, we’re all born and we all die but so much else that connects and divides us happens in between… We Are All Just Little Creatures explores the marvellous and myriad ways that human beings find to express their inner and outer worlds. For some it’s easy to talk about what it is to be human, others need to dance or sing; some look forward, some look back; some people like to be neat, others make a mess; some of us shout while others whisper; and a few lucky ones take delight in noticing the tiny details around us every day…  

We Are All Just Little Creatures invites you to take a moment to contemplate, share, perhaps even argue about, but ultimately revel in the rich and delightful diversity of our humanity.  This joyful ensemble performance includes dance, song, text, live music and the creation of little (but big) life stories, culminating in the kind of party that everyone wants an invite to! 

"a living menagerie of delight… glorious."

The Herald

"beautiful piece of total theatre, powerful, poignant and true."

The Scotsman

Image Credit: Peter Dibdin


Original concept: Christine Devaney 
Co-Directors: Christine Devaney, Maria Oller, Jo Timmins 
Designer: Karen Tennent 
Lighting Designer: Simon Wilkinson 
Composer: David Paul Jones 
Musical collaborator: Kevin Lennon
Music performed live by: David Paul Jones & Kevin Lennon
Live Artist: Yvonne Buskie 

Lung Ha Theatre Company                                                                                                                                             

The multi award-winning company is the leading theatre Company for people with learning disabilities in Scotland, and with a growing reputation internationally. Since its inception in 1984 Lung Ha Theatre Company has produced over 45 original works for the stage - in that time across Scotland, and beyond, as part of the creation of its work.  The Company’s work is now seen is a vital part of Scotland’s cultural offering as it provides a creative voice to performers (and for audiences) whose voices may not otherwise be heard. Lung Ha Theatre Company has a membership of 25 actors with learning disabilities.


Lyra’s vision is to have a positive impact on the lives of children and young people in the community of Greater Craigmillar through engagement with a broad, rich programme of world-class performing arts, regardless of age, race/ethnicity or socio-economic factor. Since 2012 over 2000 young people have taken part in Lyra’s activities through a range of artistic events. Lyra have created 12 artworks and performed more than 125 times at home and abroad. They run Artspace, a vibrant venue in the heart of Craigmillar, with a 116-seat theatre, a flexible studio and a foyer designed by artists working with young people. Their child-centred approach has also engaged the wider community, allowing for the growth of genuine and broad community participation over a range of diverse events.


28 - 30 March 2019 | 7:30pm | Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
30 March 2019 | 2:30pm | Traverse Theatre (captioned performance)

2 April 2019 | 7:30pm | The Byre Theatre, St Andrews

Access performances:
All performances are BSL interpreted
Captioned performance: Sat 30 Mar, 2.30pm
Audio described performance: Sat 30 Mar, 7.30pm

054_MamaBebeMe crop.jpg




A Co-production by Starcatchers & Curious Seed

MamaBabaMe is a beautiful dance, physical theatre and live music experience created especially for babies and children aged 0-3 and their grown-ups. Our audience sits within the set around a mini arena with soft boundary edges from which to enjoy the performance. With the soothing sounds of live cello and intimate lighting and set design, MamaBabaMe explores the profound connection between parent and child and how this eternal bond evolves and grows. Every new relationship is a journey – it can be tender, competitive, challenging, and joyful. Where does it begin?

**** “A tender, sensuous, encompassing piece of children’s theatre” The Edinburgh Guide

“Brilliantly conceived, wonderfully choreographed and beautifully performed” The Sunday Herald

**** “Pitched perfectly for its target age range” The List

MAMABABAME  (for ages 0 - 3 years)

Concept and Direction: Christine Devaney 
Performers: Nerea Gurrutxaga, Hannah Venet, Robin Mason / Greg Sinclair
Composer: Greg Sinclair
Production Designer: Yvonne Buskie
Design Mentor: Karen Tennent
Lighting Designer: Simon Wilkinson
Production Manager: Deborah Howard
Touring Production Manager: Lauren Roberts
Dramaturgical Advisor: Moos van den Broek 

Special thanks to Jennifer Cummins, Nicola Milazzo, Alison Brown, Andrew Gannon

Development took place in November/December 2016 at Lyra, and included contributions from artists Karianne Andreassen, Skye Reynolds, Karen Tennent, Robin Mason, Geraldine Heaney, Greg Sinclair and Deborah Howard.

MamaBabaMe is co-produced by Starcatchers and is funded by Creative Scotland


For touring availability and requirements, please contact us at producer@curious-seed.co.uk


Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Part of the Made in Scotland Showcase)

1-17 Aug |Pleasance at EICC

Tour dates 2017:

8 May | Falkirk Town Hall 
10 May | Johnstone Town Hall
11 May | Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock
13 May | The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
15 May | The Brunton, Musselburgh
16 May | Cumnock Town Hall 
19 - 20 May |The Byre Theatre – St Andrews
21 May | Dumfries & Galloway – St Andrew’s Primary School
26 – Sat 27 May | The Spark Festival – Leicester 
30 May – Sun 4 June | Edinburgh International Children’s Festival
6 June | The Barn, Banchory
7 June | Lochgelly Centre 
9 June | Eastgate Arts, Peebles
10 – Sun 11 June |Platform, Glasgow 
14 June | Eden Court, Inverness
16 – Sat 17 June | Macrobert Arts Centre

The Reluctant Boxer_XL file.jpg

The Reluctant Boxer

The Reluctant Boxer

The Reluctant Boxer is a live art work with dancing, drawing, and live music an unpredictable hybrid of performance and installation; imagine a Tracy Emin exhibition meets Stig of the Dump meets the Frankenstein story…

A collaboration between a visual artist, a dancer and a musician this durational performance is for audiences of all ages, from 4 upwards.  

‘A woman is alone in the middle of the space, on an island of paper…she is wearing one boxing glove.  The paper is covered in drawings with curious objects strewn around.  The island looks like a large play area or is it a boxing ring? Two of the corners are a set up like little dens or perhaps corners for boxing opponents. We find her drawing, playing and searching around, she wraps up some of the objects in little parcels and hides them around the space. Although occupied, at times she seems a little bored and lonely. She even tries a bit of boxing on her own. We see her create little paper people. Whilst placing one of these little friends in amongst a pile of brown paper she discovers a foot, then a hand, and out from underneath emerges another woman!  Has she discovered, created or imagined this new friend?

Stig introduces Chips to her solitary world. Delighted they discover a man, D, playing the drums underneath some cardboard!  This new noisy playmate and sometimes referee adds to one image after another unfolding and being brought to life in the trio’s ever-transforming world. What ensues is the figuring out of friendships in this playful, absurd and sometimes anarchic world.  Whose place is this? What games shall we play? Why won't you box with me?’

Concept: Yvonne Buskie in collaboration with Christine Devaney
Performers: Christine Devaney, Yvonne Buskie
Musician: David Maxwell
Production Design: Yvonne Buskie


28th May 2017 | Edinburgh International Children’s Festival | Opening Weekend at National Museum of Scotland

This work has been created through a development residency at Artspace, supported by Lyra Theatre (Edinburgh), and presented as part of Imaginate’s Early Ideas platform at Tron Theatre (Glasgow).

For touring availability and requirements, please contact us at producer@curious-seed.co.uk

DOWNLOAD the Tech Spec here.


Moving Monologues

Moving Monologues

Moving Monologues was at MAYFESTO 2018!

On Saturday 5th May 2018, we presented both monologues as rehearsed readings as part of The Tron Theatre's MAYFESTO programme.  More information here:  https://www.tron.co.uk/event/moving-monologues/

At The Mercy Of Fabulous Thoughts / And The Birds Did Sing

Musician/composer and novelist Luke Sutherland and Christine Devaney co-lead on this project, incorporating their shared passion for exploring the connections and interplay between music, dance and the origin of stories. Luke had suggested they return to and develop the way they worked on their first creative encounter in the studio during rehearsals for Venus As A Boy, the National Theatre of Scotland and Burnt Goods’ production of Luke’s novel of the same name, which Christine co-directed with Tam Dean Burn. Luke composed the music for the show and was struck by the detail and storytelling that Christine could access through subtle choreography.

At The Mercy Of Fabulous Thoughts is a new monologue written by Luke; during what may be a full-scale military invasion of Scotland, a young mother is forced by enemy soldiers to choose which of her two daughters must face execution.

And The Birds Did Sing; using a monologue which Christine is in the process of writing, the impetus for this work came from the depth of feeling and release at those moments when you know the world will never be quite the same again for you. A woman remembers a girl who knew a woman who listened to the birds.

Staring from two very different monologues, the artists move away from their usual starting points and principal disciplines to explore how the work may say something different, other than the written words, as it is pulled apart and reimagined. 

In developing this project to date, we have worked with an outstanding creative team including actor Rosalind Sydney and artist Yvonne Buskie. The research for Moving Monologues so far has been kindly supported by a Plan B ‘Choreocraft’ residency in Dec 2014.

For more information about this work in development, please contact us at producer@curious-seed.co.uk

CA_poster image_eoin carey square crop large.jpg

Chalk About

Chalk About

Our internationally acclaimed production, Chalk About was created for young audiences aged 8+ and is a playful, funny and sometimes moving look at how we see ourselves and others featuring dance, chalk, chat and one perfect scene containing everything you could wish for…

Turning the stage into a gigantic chalkboard, Chalk About explores the nature of identity and asks some BIG questions: What makes us who we are? Is it where we are from? How we talk?  Our pasts or our futures? Or is it the way we dance?

Come on a journey to see how two performers find new and inventive ways to share their stories in this joyous and thought-provoking show that has been enjoyed across the globe by children and adults alike. Chalk About has been performed more than 130 times for over 7,000 people in 11 countries including prestigious venues and festivals such as the New Zealand International Festival, Sadler’s Wells (London) and Sydney Opera House.


'Some of the most brilliantly imaginative, humorous, touching theatre I have seen this year', ★★★★★ TIMES 

'in just 50 minutes, it leads its audience deep into the stuff of human identity, using movement and dialogue to discuss family and origins, nationality and gender, happiness, sadness and the way we express ourselves through the things we like, from pizza to disco music.' ★★★★ SCOTSMAN full article

'Both performers chat to us about themselves, their personal history, their likes and dislikes, with an affable honesty that is utterly engaging – but the real charm of their disclosures is where it takes young audiences in terms of thinking about how we all define ourselves, and how we make judgements about others based on appearances. There is a sophisticated, caringly-detailed process underpinning this generous-hearted show.' ★★★★ HERALD full article

'an imaginative and playful way of discovering ourselves through dance, chalk drawings, chat and audience interaction.' ★★★★ REVIEWS HUB full article

'as with all successful shows created for young audiences, there is enough nuance in the work that there is something thought-provoking for an eight year old, as well as for those many decades older.' ★★★★ SYDNEY MORNING HERALD full article

CHALK ABOUT  (for ages 8+)

Concept and Original Choreography: Christine Devaney and Leandro Kees (Performing Group, DE)

Performers: Christine Devaney/Holly Irving, Hendrik Lebon / Niels Weijer
Production Designer: Karen Tennent 
Dramaturgical Advisor: Moos van den Broek 
Sound Composer: Martin Rascher
Lighting Designer/Production Management: Tom Zwitserlood
Touring Production Manager: Yvonne Buskie/Lauren Desjardins
Costume Designer: Alison Brown
Photography: Eoin Carey & Tuur Uyttenhove

Chalk About was commissioned by Imaginate, supported through the Scottish Government's Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund. Produced by Catalyst Dance Management and co-produced in association with Tanzhaus NRW [Dusseldorf] and The Work Room [Glasgow]. Supported by Fresh Tracks Europe and Artspace.

Touring availability: available for touring, please contact producer@curious-seed.co.uk
Touring technical requirements PDF: click here

Learning Pack PDF: click here

Click here for our Dance About app page

Tour dates 2018:

1 May | Highlights, Cumbria – The Witham, Barnard Castle (In association with Rural Dance Touring Initiative/ National Rural Touring Forum)
12 May | Cheshire Rural Touring Arts – Whitby Hall, Ellesmere Port (In association with Rural Dance Touring Initiative/ National Rural Touring Forum)
13 May | Cambridge Junction
17 – 18 May | NEAT Scotland – Alford & Banff (In association with Rural Dance Touring Initiative/ National Rural Touring Forum)
26 May | Carn to Cove, Cornwall – Devoran Village Hall (In association with Rural Dance Touring Initiative/ National Rural Touring Forum)
27 May | Wiltshire Rural Arts – Neston Memorial Hall (In association with Rural Dance Touring Initiative/ National Rural Touring Forum)
31 May | Creative Arts East – Kings Lynn (In association with Rural Dance Touring Initiative/ National Rural Touring Forum)
1 June | Black Country Touring – Glasshouse Arts Centre, Stourbridge (In association with Rural Dance Touring Initiative/ National Rural Touring Forum)
2 June | Quarterhouse, Folkestone

Tour dates 2016:

New Zealand Festival
1 – 6 Mar | Hannah Playhouse, Wellington
8 Mar | Kuranui College, Greytown
9 Mar | Expressions Theatre, Upper Hutt  
10 Mar | Pātaka Art + Museum, Porirua

29 Apr and 1 May | SWOP Festival, Roskilde Bibliotek, Denmark

26 - 28 Aug |Macao Cultural Center

Tour DATES 2015:

Australian tour

27 – 30 May | Come Out Festival, Adelaide, Australia
3 – 7 Jun | Arts Centre Melbourne, Australia
10 – 14 Jun | Sydney Opera House, Australia
17 – 18 Jun | Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith, Australia

Pioneers of Performance Scotland tour

9 Sep | The Beacon, Greenock
12 Sep | Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
16 Sep | Lochgelly Arts Centre, Fife
19 Sep | Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
26 Sep | Macrobert, Stirling
30 Sep | Seall, Skye
3 Oct | Comar, Mull

Krokusfestival Flanders tour

17 Oct | CC Maasmechelen, Belgium
18 – 19 Oct | Kopigietery, Gent, Belgium
20 Oct | CC Westrand Dilbeek, Belgium
22 Oct | Casino Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium
23–24 Oct | Cultuurcentrum, Hasselt, Belgium

Wales Dance Consortium tour

27 Oct | Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli
28 Oct | Theatr Harlech
29 Oct | Neuadd Dwyfor, Pwlelli
31 Oct | Taliesin, Swansea
4 Nov | Blackwood Miners
7 Nov | Riverfront, Newport

20 – 24 Nov | Ziguzajg Festival, Teatro Manoel, Valletta, Malta
2 Dec | Showbox Festival, Dansen Hus, Oslo, Norway


20 Feb | Krokusfestival, Hasselt, Belgium
16 May | Rise Dance Festival, Findhorn
20 – 24 May | Unicorn Theatre, London
31 Dec | Cultura Nova, Theatre Heerlen, Netherlands

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

1 – 24 Aug | Made in Scotland showcase, Summerhall, Edinburgh

MOKO tour

17 – 18 Oct | Greenwich Dance Agency, London
19 Oct | Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham
22 – 23 Oct| Lincoln Drill Hall, Lincoln
25 Oct | The Point, Eastleigh
28 Oct | Brighton Dome, Brighton
29 – 30 Oct | Dance City, Newcastle
1 – 2 Nov | Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler’s Wells, London
6 – 7 Nov | Key Theatre, Peterborough
8 Nov | Deda, Derby
9 Nov | Embrace Arts, Leicester
10 – 11 Nov | Pavilion Dance, Bournemouth
15 Nov | artsdepot, London
16 – 18 Nov | Jerwood DanceHouse, Ipswich
20 – 21 Nov | Circomedia | Bristol
22 Nov | Gulbenkian, Canterbury


8 – 13 May | Imaginate Festival 2013, North Edinburgh Arts Centre
23 – 25 Feb | Szene Bunte Wahne, Tanzquartier Vienna

Teenage Trilogy - Peter Dibdin Photographer.jpg

Teenage Trilogy

Teenage Trilogy

Curious Seed and Tramway present Teenage Trilogy in association with Perth Theatre. 

Exploring the heady and challenging time of transition that we all must go through, Teenage Trilogy is captivating dance theatre in three dynamic parts: live performance and music, multi-media installation and silent disco. Shaped by conversations with teenagers, parents and grandparents in Scotland, Denmark, Belgium, India and Australia, this new production from Curious Seed is a show for teenagers and anyone who has ever been one! 

Directed by acclaimed Scottish choreographer Christine Devaney, Teenage Trilogy brings together an outstanding creative team, including visual artist David Maxwell, musician and composer Luke Sutherland (Mogwai, Venus as a Boy), award-winning theatre designer Karen Tennent, lighting designer Simon Wilkinson, innovative digital designers D Fie Foe and four exceptional performers: Andrew Gardiner, Hayley Earlam, Nerea Gurrutxaga and Alexander McCabe. Meet the cast and creative team here.

In February 2018, Teenage Trilogy was performed to packed houses at Tramway, Glasgow and Perth Theatre. Thanks to everyone who played a part in making it such a great experience.

"Devaney’s choreography...translates the internal maelstrom of teenage hormones into movement that wrenches and teeters, stills into moments of physical self-discovery or cuts loose into the sheer ecstasy of being young and on the cusp of future hopes."

The Herald

"Delicate, yet as fizzy as a shaken up Coke bottle, Curious Seed’s Teenage Trilogy captures teen spirit, teenage kicks, teen dreams and teenage dirtbags alike."

The Tempo House


A range of community groups and individuals were involved in the project, from contributing to the creative process, to performing with us as part of the production. 

Participation Projects.jpg
Digital Projects.jpg
Meet the Team.jpg


Throughout the making of Teenage Trilogy we have worked with a wide range of participants, engaging them in many different ways during the creative process all the way from the early research and development to the production and performance phases of the work.  Their creative contributions are a key part of the finished work and the ongoing Teenage Trilogy project.  Learn more about some of these projects including our recent work in India - TEENAGE TIMES REMIX - KOLKATA! below.


We have created the digital project, TELL IT LIKE IT IS by inviting teenagers to submit 'Selfie Videos' telling us about their own teenage experience, confronting stereotypes and sharing aspirations.  We have also created the TEENAGE TRILOGY YOU TUBE CHANNEL featuring tutorials from our teenage advisors group!  Learn more here! 


Teenage Trilogy brings together an outstanding creative team, including visual artist David Maxwell, musician and composer Luke Sutherland (Mogwai, Venus as a Boy), award-winning theatre designer Karen Tennent, lighting designer Simon Wilkinson, innovative digital designers D Fie Foe and four exceptional performers: Andrew Gardiner, Hayley Earlam, Nerea Gurrutxaga and Alexander McCabe. 

For more information or to discuss future presentation opportunities, please contact us at: producer@curious-seed.co.uk


Joan of Arc 603

Joan of Arc 603

A 5-hour durational performance that took place as part of the Edinburgh Fringe programme at Dance Base (Edinburgh) in 2015.

Artist Yvonne Buskie collaborates with musician Luke Sutherland (Venus as a Boy, Mogwai) and choreographer/dancer Christine Devaney (Curious Seed) for this one-off, cross-art form, live work.

It is 603 years since the birth of Joan of Arc, and her astonishingly dramatic history continues to stimulate our modern era.

For the performance, the artists invite you into this hybrid space, which connects theatre to gallery, to witness a playful exploration of ritual and meditation. A large floor drawing and paper objects will inhabit the space, and will inevitably become torn and fragmented during the performance. The repetitive tasks of making and mending transform into a devotional meditation. You are also invited to make your own offering to the process by embellishing the paper objects with gold leaf during the performance.

‘joan of arc made my heart sing yesterday, incredibly beautiful movement, visuals and music’

Audience response on Twitter

Supported by Dance Base and co-produced with Curious Seed (supported by Creative Scotland) and Catalyst Dance Management (Dance Base).

Image: Yvonne Buskie




Christine Devaney and visual artist Yvonne Buskie collaborate with outstanding musicians, Luke Sutherland and cellist Robin Mason, to create this mesmerising, immersive and improvised dance, music and live art experience in an extensive, empty open space, customised for this special performance.  

D’Arc:Land was presented as part of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay: SCOT:LANDS on 1st January 2016 in the Exhibition Hall, National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Amongst their inspirations were Janus (the God of beginnings and transitions), the determination of Joan of Arc and the landscape of Scotland itself.  These four compelling artists invited viewers to celebrate and consider our collective responses to a New Year.  

'On a vast, crayoned-on canvas, Devaney and artist Yvonne Buskie moved through a slow-burning meditation which, punctuated by the minimal guitar and cello textures of Luke Sutherland and Robin Mason, became a living collage of ritual and redemption.' HERALD full article


Conceived and created by Yvonne Buskie, Christine Devaney, Luke Sutherland
Performed by Yvonne Buskie, Christine Devaney, Luke Sutherland, Robin Mason, Michael Sherin
Lighting Design by Jeanine Byrne
Special thanks to Karen Tennent, Tom Zwitserlood and Black Light
Photography: Lloyd Smith

SCOT:LANDS 2016  was created and produced by Unique Events.

If you are interested in an adaptation of this performance, please contact Vicky on vicky@curious-seed.co.uk or Leigh on leigh@curious-seed.co.uk




Threads is a short dance film conceived and directed by Christine Devaney.

A man enters a dark room disturbing a fragile memory waiting within. Does it belong to him...?  Threads of narrative entwine in this mysterious film, enriched by a haunting sound score.

Those bodies that move now
Unfamiliar to self and others
Other ways too far to see or remember
Only the gift of tenderness, that lies within the hands
A forest of half lit connections
Dreams of spun gold and idolatry
A desire to be whole and held
The past as embers or is it snow?
Still a wonder

Directed by Christine Devaney
Performers: Christine Devaney, David Paul Jones, Ian Spink
Director of photography: Jonathan Charles
Designed by Karen Tennent
Original music composed and performed by David Paul Jones
Sound mixing by WarrenK
Lighting: Karen Tennent
Crew - Jonathan Charles Karen Tennent, Frank McConnell
Filmed at The Shed in Evanton
Response by Linda McLean
Special thanks to all at plan B, John McGeoch, Linda McLean, Magnetic North and Catherine Wheels
Line Producers – Catalyst Dance Management (Dance Base)

Threads is the result of a Choreocraft residency in December 2014, supported by  plan B Collaborative Theatre (Scotland) and Magnetic North Theatre Company (Edinburgh).  Christine Devaney used this time to follow her curiosity about the possibility of making a short film, in a short time, with long standing creative collaborators Karen Tennent and Jonathan Charles. Threads was first presented at Screendance as part of DIG (Dance International Glasgow), Tramway (2014).  Threads was also selected for the Perth Dance Festival - Screendance Awards (2016).

If you are interested in screening Threads, please contact Vicky or Leigh on vicky@curious-seed.co.uk or leigh@curious-seed.co.uk

Dust SH showing_EmmaLookingUp.png

Dust, and all that...

Dust, and all that...

Dust, and all that… is a performance event which combines elements of immersive theatre with dance, live music, new writing, a recorded soundscape and video.  It is a collaboration with Magnetic North Theatre Company.  

Viewers walk alone through a series of rooms, glimpsing fragments of stories - videos playing on screens in abandoned rooms, photos pinned on the wall, lists of names, locked doors, piles of furniture and objects all alluding to memories left behind – before arriving in a large room where someone sits unravelling gold thread which is spun like cobwebs around the space……, is it a waiting room, a holding centre, purgatory?

Dust plays out a series of fragmented scenes which repeatedly disperse and materialise - giving insights into and different perspectives on the lives of the 8 people already present in this place. 

A simple dance begins to emerge, passing from person to person, from cast members to audience. The performance culminates in a final shared, transcendent moment that leaves everyone with their own impressions and understanding of what has happened, asking them to consider what they’ll leave behind as they head back out into the cold.

'This was the perfect experience to have on my last day of work for the year...  It was lovely coming into a space away from the commercial Christmas buzz outside. As well as being intrigued and swept along by the performance, it allowed me time to reflect… ' Audience member at work-in-progress showing, December 2013

Directed by Christine Devaney and Nicholas Bone
Creative team includes:
Playwright: Linda McLean
Actors: Alison Peebles and Sean Hay
Composer and Musicians: David Paul Jones, Luke Sutherland and Michael John McCarthy 
Designer: Karen Tennent 
Performers: Ian Spink, Brigid McCarthy and Emma Snellgrove
Video Artist: Jonathan Charles

Dust, and all that… was presented as work-in-progress in and around the Dissection Room at Summerhall in December 2013.  Supported initially by the National Theatre of Scotland, Dance Base and Magnetic North’s Rough Mix programme, it has been further supported by Creative Scotland and Summerhall.




The world of PUSH is full of contradictions, fears, needs, desires, and poetry in the everyday. A group of people inhabit this ruined, timeless, place. There is a child playing in and observing this turbulent world. Is she a memory? Perhaps she is the future. Fragments of their extra/ordinary stories unfold and remind us to question ourselves about what’s important.

Conceived and directed by Christine Devaney, PUSH involves six performers, a wall, a young girl and an ensemble of ‘extra/ordinary’ people. PUSH challenges, surprises, unsettles, enlightens and entertains.

Composer/novelist Luke Sutherland and cellist Robin Mason collaborated on the commissioned score, encompassing a pre-recorded soundscape, live cello and voice.  Award-winning designer Karen Tennent created the world of PUSH inspired by the presence of a ‘wall’ - something to push against, to keep us in, support us and to allude to something beyond. Video Artist Jonathan Charles’s projected images add a dreamlike quality to PUSH, bringing memories, fantasy and the detail of other possible realities. Simon Wilkinson’s painterly, dramatic lighting enhances the beauty and subtlety of the work.

'Every aspect is burnished with thoughtful detail' HERALD full article

‘There is so much in this work to treasure and chew over thoughtfully afterwards. The end, involving audience participation, is almost overwhelming.’ NORTHINGS full article

Directed by Christine Devaney
Devised by the company and performed by Christine Devaney, Skye Reynolds, Anthony Mills, Andrew Gardiner, Judith Williams, Tallulah Molleson, Robin Mason and an extra/ordinary ensemble
Original music composed by Luke Sutherland & Robin Mason
Production design by Karen Tennent
Lighting Design by Simon Wilkinson
Video design by Jonathan Charles (D Fie Foe)
Photography: Maria Falconer

Funded by Creative Scotland, produced by Catalyst Dance Management and co-produced in association with Platform (Glasgow)


17 – 18 Feb 2012 | Platform, The Bridge, Easterhouse, Glasgow
23 Feb 2012 | Macrobert, Stirling
25 Feb 2012 | Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh
28 Feb 2012 | Eden Court Theatre, Inverness
7 Mar 2012 | An Lanntair, Stornoway
10 Mar 2012 | Mull Theatre, Druimfin, Mull
15 Mar 2012 | Woodend Barn, Banchory
18 Mar 2012 | Universal Hall, Findhorn
24 Mar 2012 | Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh 




Christine Devaney and Luke Sutherland, came together again to explore their desire to improvise. They pull each other into a familiar state of spacious melancholy, but this time there's a woman who wants to be funny… and of course it's not as simple as that.  Exploring these wants, they have to ask themselves "Why does she want to be funny?"

There's a woman who dances - she loves it,
but that's not enough anymore, she wants to be funny...
There's also a man who makes music.  He understands.  

'The ache at the heart of this piece is familiar to us, whatever name we put on the loss that colours it. But Devaney and Sutherland coax us to laughter through tears - have a hankie handy: the very gentleness and sincerity of the piece touch home, and prove hugely affecting.' HERALD full article

'Christine Devaney and Luke Sutherland's piece expertly explores the art of comedy within the art of perfect collaboration, silky intelligent dynamic physicality married with a luscious velvety live score. Peppered with reminiscent anecdotes like a stand-up’s set: poignant, provoking and fantastically crafted. A gorgeous tapestry of music and personality, and intriguing performances.' ACROSS THE ARTS full article

'As tall, handsome but deadpan Sutherland whips up a small storm on the electronic violin, which he loops with his own vocals to startling effect, Devaney dances elegantly and playfully, interspersing her glides and hip shakes with half-finished punchlines and clowning, alluding to Chaplin and the Marx Brothers. This is juxtaposed with a poignant speech on how fleeting life is and how we must live it without fear or compromise. Teasingly, jokes are never told in their entirety, but an hour in the company of Curious Seed is a delight- their double act effortless and easygoing.' THE SKINNY full article

Conceived and performed by Christine Devaney & Luke Sutherland
Production Designer: Karen Tennent

The Woman Who Wants to be Funny was originally developed with the support of Déda (Derby); where Devaney and Sutherland were Associate Choreographer and Composer as part of Déda's Artist Scheme 2009-2010.  It was presented as a work in progress at Heads Up, part of Dance Base's Edinburgh Fringe programme 2010.  Later development was supported by  The Work Room (Glasgow) and The Woman Who Wants to be Funny was presented at Edinburgh Fringe 2012 as part of Dance Base's international programme.

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Found is a compelling, emotionally charged and delicate performance, full of humanity and sprinkled with humour.

Bold, beautiful and charged, Found is driven by movement and live music with an allusive sense of narrative supported by text and video image. The threads of this narrative are drawn from a found letter. You find a letter.  It’s not yours.  Do you read it?

As this fractured story unfolds, one person's reality is deeply affected by a life imagined.

'a highly charged piece of physical theatre...some of the audience were moved to tears' THE TIMES

'an incredibly sensitive and highly nuanced performance piece' THE SKINNY full article

'the score... was brilliant...' SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY

Director, Choreographer, Performer, Contributing Writer: Christine Devaney
Co-Composer, Musician, Writing Mentor: Luke Sutherland
Composer, Musician: Jer Reid
Performer and Contributing Writer: Michael Sherin
Production Designer: Karen Tennent
Lighting Designer: Jeanine Davies
Video Artist: Jonathan Charles
Christine Devaney’s Costume: Alison Brown
Photography: Maria Falconer

Found was funded by Scottish Arts Council with the support of Deda (Derby), Citymoves (Aberdeen), Dance Base (Edinburgh) and Eden Court Theatre (Inverness) and Associazione Etre (Lombardy).



5 – 16 Aug 2009 | Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Dance Base
6 Oct | Eden Court Theatre, Inverness
7 Oct | Macphail Centre, Ullapool
10 – 11 Oct | Universal Hall, Findhorn
13 Oct | The Byre Theatre, St Andrews
24 Oct | DanceLive Festival, Woodend Barn, Banchory
9 – 17 Jun 2010 | Luoghi Comuni Festival, (LC) Italy

Code Butterfly group.jpg

Code Butterfly

Code Butterfly

Code Butterfly is a journey into the dark and out again, reminding us there is always the potential for transformation... everywhere.

Code Butterfly was a site-specific performance made for the Leith Festival (Edinburgh), involving 5 professional performers, (dancers, aerial artists, singer) and 15 young women from the Leith area. With original music composed by Erin & Nick Scrutton, and designed by Karen Tennent, this production took place literally in every available space in Out of The Blue and the Old Drill Hall, which now houses a variety of arts organisations

Set dynamically within this newly refurbished space and using the company's individual response to its architecture to develop the physical language for the show, Code Butterfly was a unique experience for audience and performers alike, through coming into contact with the building and each other in this imaginative and intriguing use of a complete space.

Photography: Angeline Ferguson.

"Code Butterfly - winningly put together by Christine Devaney's Curious Seed - is all about breaking out of drab habits, spreading wings and trying new things."  HERALD

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Almost But Not Quite

Almost But Not Quite

Almost But Not Quite is an intimate solo work choreographed and performed by Christine Devaney, directed by Graeme Miller with original music composed by Jim Sutherland and designed by Karen Tennent. Christine had just moved back to Scotland after thirteen years of living in London. She was almost forty, almost happy and almost ready to create this solo. She sent out this call to all who had met her, however fleetingly:


You have something I want. A memory of me. Could you please send me something that makes you think of me or of our connection. Perhaps it's a word, a photograph, a question or a piece of advice held back. Perhaps it's an item of clothing, a story, a broken heart. Please don't feel that you have to be kind. Please be honest. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you in advance"

‘ poignant solo, Almost But Not Quite, the first work to emerge from the newly formed Curious Seed… Devaney works her way through a sea of memories.’

SCOTSMAN Full review

Supported by Dance Base.

Images:  Paul Watt

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Dance About App

Dance About App

Dance About is a fun, charming, choreography app inspired by our internationally acclaimed dance performance for young audiences, Chalk About. 

Featuring dance artists Christine Devaney and Hendrik Lebon, and a modern soundscape from Kim Moore, the app’s cutting edge technology means children can draw and redesign the background while the dancers perform the chosen moves. This digital dance toy is designed primarily for children and young people, but is also for anyone with an interest in dance. Curious Seed has partnered with digital developers Hippotrix to create the app.

Co-Creator of Chalk About, Christine Devaney, said: “The process of working on the app has been pretty exciting and so different from creating a show.  We liked the complimentary way chalking and dancing came together for our existing show Chalk About, and wanted to see if we could create a similar sort of juxtaposition in an app.” Read a full interview with Christine in The List here. 

Simone Bloomfield of Hippotrix noted: “Developing the technology to allow a user to chalk behind the video was not without its challenges. Apps where you draw over imagery are common, but this was altogether different. But a lot of the pleasure in the app is when you add funny or artistic elements to the dance environment!”

Download the app yourself at the App Store: http://appstore.com/danceabout

Developed with support from of Creative Scotland.