Christine Devaney and visual artist Yvonne Buskie collaborate with outstanding musicians, Luke Sutherland and cellist Robin Mason, to create this mesmerising, immersive and improvised dance, music and live art experience in an extensive, empty open space, customised for this special performance.  

D’Arc:Land was presented as part of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay: SCOT:LANDS on 1st January 2016 in the Exhibition Hall, National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Amongst their inspirations were Janus (the God of beginnings and transitions), the determination of Joan of Arc and the landscape of Scotland itself.  These four compelling artists invited viewers to celebrate and consider our collective responses to a New Year.  

'On a vast, crayoned-on canvas, Devaney and artist Yvonne Buskie moved through a slow-burning meditation which, punctuated by the minimal guitar and cello textures of Luke Sutherland and Robin Mason, became a living collage of ritual and redemption.' HERALD full article


Conceived and created by Yvonne Buskie, Christine Devaney, Luke Sutherland
Performed by Yvonne Buskie, Christine Devaney, Luke Sutherland, Robin Mason, Michael Sherin
Lighting Design by Jeanine Byrne
Special thanks to Karen Tennent, Tom Zwitserlood and Black Light
Photography: Lloyd Smith

SCOT:LANDS 2016  was created and produced by Unique Events.

If you are interested in an adaptation of this performance, please contact Vicky on or Leigh on