Code Butterfly is a journey into the dark and out again, reminding us there is always the potential for transformation... everywhere.

Code Butterfly was a site-specific performance made for the Leith Festival (Edinburgh), involving 5 professional performers, (dancers, aerial artists, singer) and 15 young women from the Leith area. With original music composed by Erin & Nick Scrutton, and designed by Karen Tennent, this production took place literally in every available space in Out of The Blue and the Old Drill Hall, which now houses a variety of arts organisations

Set dynamically within this newly refurbished space and using the company's individual response to its architecture to develop the physical language for the show, Code Butterfly was a unique experience for audience and performers alike, through coming into contact with the building and each other in this imaginative and intriguing use of a complete space.

Photography: Angeline Ferguson.

"Code Butterfly - winningly put together by Christine Devaney's Curious Seed - is all about breaking out of drab habits, spreading wings and trying new things."  HERALD