Christine Devaney and Luke Sutherland, came together again to explore their desire to improvise. They pull each other into a familiar state of spacious melancholy, but this time there's a woman who wants to be funny… and of course it's not as simple as that.  Exploring these wants, they have to ask themselves "Why does she want to be funny?"

There's a woman who dances - she loves it,
but that's not enough anymore, she wants to be funny...
There's also a man who makes music.  He understands.  

'The ache at the heart of this piece is familiar to us, whatever name we put on the loss that colours it. But Devaney and Sutherland coax us to laughter through tears - have a hankie handy: the very gentleness and sincerity of the piece touch home, and prove hugely affecting.' HERALD full article

'Christine Devaney and Luke Sutherland's piece expertly explores the art of comedy within the art of perfect collaboration, silky intelligent dynamic physicality married with a luscious velvety live score. Peppered with reminiscent anecdotes like a stand-up’s set: poignant, provoking and fantastically crafted. A gorgeous tapestry of music and personality, and intriguing performances.' ACROSS THE ARTS full article

'As tall, handsome but deadpan Sutherland whips up a small storm on the electronic violin, which he loops with his own vocals to startling effect, Devaney dances elegantly and playfully, interspersing her glides and hip shakes with half-finished punchlines and clowning, alluding to Chaplin and the Marx Brothers. This is juxtaposed with a poignant speech on how fleeting life is and how we must live it without fear or compromise. Teasingly, jokes are never told in their entirety, but an hour in the company of Curious Seed is a delight- their double act effortless and easygoing.' THE SKINNY full article

Conceived and performed by Christine Devaney & Luke Sutherland
Production Designer: Karen Tennent

The Woman Who Wants to be Funny was originally developed with the support of Déda (Derby); where Devaney and Sutherland were Associate Choreographer and Composer as part of Déda's Artist Scheme 2009-2010.  It was presented as a work in progress at Heads Up, part of Dance Base's Edinburgh Fringe programme 2010.  Later development was supported by  The Work Room (Glasgow) and The Woman Who Wants to be Funny was presented at Edinburgh Fringe 2012 as part of Dance Base's international programme.