Threads is a short dance film conceived and directed by Christine Devaney.

A man enters a dark room disturbing a fragile memory waiting within. Does it belong to him...?  Threads of narrative entwine in this mysterious film, enriched by a haunting sound score.

Those bodies that move now
Unfamiliar to self and others
Other ways too far to see or remember
Only the gift of tenderness, that lies within the hands
A forest of half lit connections
Dreams of spun gold and idolatry
A desire to be whole and held
The past as embers or is it snow?
Still a wonder

Directed by Christine Devaney
Performers: Christine Devaney, David Paul Jones, Ian Spink
Director of photography: Jonathan Charles
Designed by Karen Tennent
Original music composed and performed by David Paul Jones
Sound mixing by WarrenK
Lighting: Karen Tennent
Crew - Jonathan Charles Karen Tennent, Frank McConnell
Filmed at The Shed in Evanton
Response by Linda McLean
Special thanks to all at plan B, John McGeoch, Linda McLean, Magnetic North and Catherine Wheels
Line Producers – Catalyst Dance Management (Dance Base)

Threads is the result of a Choreocraft residency in December 2014, supported by  plan B Collaborative Theatre (Scotland) and Magnetic North Theatre Company (Edinburgh).  Christine Devaney used this time to follow her curiosity about the possibility of making a short film, in a short time, with long standing creative collaborators Karen Tennent and Jonathan Charles. Threads was first presented at Screendance as part of DIG (Dance International Glasgow), Tramway (2014).  Threads was also selected for the Perth Dance Festival - Screendance Awards (2016).

If you are interested in screening Threads, please contact Vicky or Leigh on or